Sailinglife is a funny thing, you meet people that influence you choices….

Hi, my name is Karsten, I’m from Norway and have been sailing with SY Armatura Borealis ( for 6 months from Norway to Grenada. My original plan was to fly to Cuba but when Claus and Tim asked me if I would like to join them to Trinidad, the choice was easy…- sailing is about meeting people, get to gether and exchange experiences, adventure, share stories and have a good time together. My first meeting with Tim and Claus was in La Coruna… One late night they came home from the city while we where sitting in our cockpit and we shouted, come over, we got beer, booze and some portwine 😉 — since then we have bounced into eachother during the journey over the pound.
Yesterday(sunday) was a blast, Tim, Sammy ( a nice bird from another sailboat) and me went for tubing down the river. Before we got into the water we had to test out the local Sunset Rum and some local beers which made us a bit tipsy and the drift more interesting. In the midle of the slopes we came into a banana plantation, green leafs everywhere and we all felt that we where as one with the nature…
Life is too short, embrace it
Cheers mates

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  1. Karsten, i like the way you see things… i hope i’ll meet you again. Have fun and embrace it, yeahh!

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