Hog Island –> Birthday, fullmoon, Grenada’s Independenceday

Alle guten dinge sind drei The day had come where Karsten became 1 year older, the moon showed it’s fully size and Grenada’s Independenceday, what a day this might be, huh. We invited new friends to come joining us for this kinderegg situation at Hog Island. We also got some new crew members for the day from SY Freedom Forever (Danish owned 64feet yacht). We where in total 15 people gathered for BBQ, but at Hog Island there was already something going on when we arrived, 2 big BBQ’s was working on the meat from fellow sailors and there was a stage that got ready for action… After some good nice chicken,lamb and beef we all went to the beach for soaking in the sunset of 7th of Feb 2012. And then, the stage got noisy with regge tunes and people „jiggling“ together. A really Caribbean feeling, where everybody move their hips together and smile to the tunes of the rasta world. Young and old dancing and laughing, this is the way we sailors party together. After the band was finished we went to the beach where we all sat in a ring and Tom (UK guy who is absolutely awesome guitar player) played his tunes into the night… The next day there was 6 people sleeping in SY Kira and the cockpit contained a bloody guitar, 2 drum sticks and a flute… wonder what happened? Cheers mates

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  1. Moin Jungs, ihr seid einfach nicht zu toppen! Wat ne schoene Pady. Schade, dass das mit uns in Georgetown nicht mehr klappen wollte … Wir haben uebrigens Eurer App.-Buch wieder. Sollen wir es Euch schicken? Wann gehts fuer Euch denn nach Trinidad/Tabago?
    Hugs von den Hikern

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