Greetings from LingLing

Once upon a time we woke up, after a rough trip sailing for at least thirty hours, in this peaceful village called Lowestoft. When I got out the boat the sun was shining and I felt a soft summerbreeze in my hair. After a couple of hours the weather changed completely, the sky got dark and it started to rain and the wind was picking up, so we had coffee and hot chocolate with rum in Kira with Claus and Tim. So after a short while we decided to eat in downtown and we went to subway where Mathijs and Claus decided to go to another place called „Friday´s fish and chips“ and let Tim and me behind in the subway but they got back in 2 minutes dissapointed about the „Friday´s fish and chips“ doesn´t serve fish. So after we all ate at the subway we went to a odd pub where no music was playing to drink some beer. There we met a big British man who wanted to talk German to all of us, even though Claus and Tim couldn´t understand it, so what about me and my dad? So we went to Kira and drinking beer.

Cheers Mates!

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