This morning I woke up in the beautiful harbor of Aldernaye. The hills around me with the fortresses. It is 9.30 we should leave at 10.30, because the strong tide. I call Kira on VHF, but no answer. I try a few times than Nikita picks up the vhf. We decide to go shopping first at Braye. We take the dingy and we go. Fun to go shopping with a dingy. Tim does the dishes, since there is no water at Kira, he takes a jerry can, but not with water, but with petroleum.
We leave aldernaye through the swell. Waves are really high, and i stand on the front. I jump 1 meter in the air on a wave, just holding the stag. Great! Coming down on the wave I get completely soaked. Later we arrive at Sark. We fish and we cath 12 makrels. Kira is fishing too but catches nothing (-; Near Sark Claus takes out the dingy. At the bay we anchorage. Kira looses the anchor, because a wave shakes the ship and it came out of the winch, Tim really hurt his arm. WeŽre looking long for the anchor, and chain, with diving masks. Tim stays way too long in the cold water, and gets really cold. At the beach we barbecue our fish, they are delicious. Again a nice day in a natural harbour with nice rocks around us. We have to much fish so we give to English people. Cheers Mathijs!

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