a la claire fontaine

Geustwriter Nikita: When Claus was taking a piss in the middle of the night he had the most amazing surprise, their dingy was floating 250 meters away towards the rocks. I think it was my fault so I almost had the swim towards it but I implied Claus on a really hidden way to put on his dry-suit and flippers to pick it up. I still feel sorry I didn’t made a picture of his face diving into the cold water on 5 o‘ clock in the morning. Just 2 hours later one of the guests Cristopher wanted to go home because he had to work so our nice fellow Claus jumped into his dingy to bring him back to shore. So he stayed in bed till 2.00 pm while my dad and Tim were swimming from the boat to shore. So I had the stupid „healthy“ idea (when I think back about this it’s sounds completely unhealthy cause I’m known as the sleeping sailor) to do the same and swim a long time in this nice clear water. So I jumped into the water 5 minutes before we left and when I was finally in the water I didn’t know how to go back up faster, cause I was really fast, damn that was cold! When I dried I finally had my very first sailing (with sails) day on Kira and it was really nice. She is so more different than Lada Depmak, I really liked it. Now we are finally at Guersney and had our first shower in days (besides Claus, don’t blame him for wash himself with petroleum, if he likes that, just let him be). Finally Tim and Claus shaved their beards and even Tim gave Clause a nice ear-operation. After the ear-operations and showering we had a really nice meal Claus made with curry, broccoli, chicken, rice and salad. Now it’s a Saturday and we are all to tired to go out so we are sitting inside Kira and the men are drinking beer that means: Nikita is sitting with a glass of water while the big people have fun. Cheers mates

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