A cultural and active day at Herm

Guestwriter Mathijs We woke up in a nice bay at st peter“s port. A view on the fortress, the village and the hills. Sun shine in the morning. I had a nice breakfast, and read a book in the cockpit. At 12 i row to Kira where I wake up everyone. We go to the beach with the dingy’s and walk to a war museum, placed in old oil storage tunnels in the mountain. In the museum are weapons, pamphlets, newspapers, medailles and so on. It is really interesting but also sad; announcements of deatgh penalties are all over the place. Nikita buys a coin from a Reichsmark. We did something cultural! In an restaurant with a view over the bay we had a nice meal with burger’s. We could see our boats. We go back to the boats, lift the anchor and go to the marina to buy diesel unfortunately is it low water and the jetty with the pump is not reachable with the boats. Tim rows tot the jetty and tanks diesel. The salesman tells him he is allowed to fill the tank on the dingy or on the rocks but not to spill on the jetty, amazing how they think about ecological damage. With a strong current, we go on motor to Herm. Carefully between the rocks, we anchor. At low water we reach the harbor with the dingy’s, one we leave at an buoy, the other one we carry up the beach. In the pub we drink a beer and we walk over the island. On a nice desolated beach we sit and admire the wonderful view. We climb over the rocks next to the water, sometimes hard, crazy, dangerous but fun. We meet a couple fisherman and we watch them fishing: they are professionals; carefully looking at the angles. They catch a small fish, and they share a bottle rum-cola. One of them lived in Holland and spoke Dutch. We walk back to the village over this beautiful island, nice plants, palm trees and a cute village. We arrive again at the pub and I have a nice pint of Guinness. Later at the beach are we lucky that someone pulled the dingy higher and attached it. (thanks!) Claus and I row in the complete dark to the other dingy, which is hard to see. The sea is glowing with spots of phyto-plankton. At Kira we will prepare a nice meal.

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