The linehandeling experience on Kira


Was great we discovered that Colon is the greatest city in the world. Thee people are nice and the architecture is even better 😛 the only problem being that theonly dinghy dock is a beach next to the slum! Either way after beng delayed for a day we finally got through the locks and there starts the Gatun lake experience. Hmm how go start Tims birthday was after midnight so naturally we  had to stay up to celebrate that. Even though the pilot was arriving at 0630 😛 anyway by the time midnight arrived we were all so drunk we decided not to sleep. Instead we took the dinghy for a ride and decided to stop and talk to the guys who are building the new Panama canal locks. Turns out we were in a restricted area… So at that point we left, fast!
Anyway we got lucky with the advisor today, he was helming all day, so we got a chance to sleep. Anyways we survived and now all of the pacific is waiting for Kiras keel!!
Top of the Line and whats the Plan!!
Luka Weeks, S/Y Furaha

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